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Wedding Cakes

Why Choose Sugar High Cakes?


Trusting your cake maker with the most important cake of your life is important. 

Here are a few reasons to help you decide if you should trust Sugar High Cakes:


  • Sugar High Cakes is run by experienced pastry chef, Dee Farrance, who ran her own artisan cake shop in Dubai for several years before moving to the UK in 2015. She bakes and decorates all the cakes herself. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from The American University in Dubai, a diploma in floristry, and is a certified health and fitness professional with extensive knowledge in nutrition. 

  • Our cakes are baked from scratch using the finest ingredients from the UK, Europe, and the U.S. (Think world-class Belgian chocolate, Danish butter, British organic eggs, Swiss fondant, French vanilla, American pastry flour). To us, it's not about local ingredients, it's about the best of the best. Better ingredients make better cake!

  • We have a five star hygiene rating.

  • We are 100% insured.

  • We deliver within a 50 mile radius of Worthing, and we set up the cake for display. 

  • We care for every detail including purchasing a cake stand on your behalf. 

  • Every cake we make is expertly baked, wrapped while warm, later drizzled with a light vanilla syrup. Then we apply a coat of Belgian dark chocolate ganache to completely seal the cake and lock in moisture and flavor. This guarantees that your cake is moist and tender when you cut it, as though it just came out of the oven! This is a trade secret, so tell no one! 

  • Our cake finish is flawless and smooth, with the sides of the cake perfectly straight, the top level, and the edges razor sharp. 

  • Our cake tiers are 5 to 6 inches high as standard, meaning your servings will be very generous. Tall tiers make a more elegant cake, too. 

  • Our service is personal, friendly, and flexible. You want to call us at silly o'clock to change something about your order? No problem! We answer emails promptly. No bride or groom will be left confused or stressed. 

  • Our prices reflect the quality you receive, yet are much more reasonable than London price tags. You get what you pay for, but you are never over-charged. 

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