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Wedding Cakes

The Size of Your Cake

The size of your cake depends on the number of guests at your wedding, and whether or not you are planning to keep the top tier for yourself. 


The table below gives you an idea on the number of portions you would get out of each tier, helping you identify the size of cake you need. Our cakes are 5 to 6 inches high, therefore our portions are generous. These numbers are based on dessert size slices. You can get a lot more servings if you opt for coffee slices (1" x 1" x 6"). 


If you would like to send your guests home with their slice of cake, we can include individual cake slice boxes in your order. 

How Cakes are Priced

We pride ourselves on our exquisite cakes that do not carry designer price-tags. Our pricing reflects the luxury ingredients that go into the cake, plus the time it takes to create each masterpiece (five to six day process). 


Three-tier cakes fall at around £550-750. Price is calculated on time, so some cakes may be cheaper, and others may cost more. Sugar High Cakes is unique in many ways: click here to find out more. 

If you would like a naked, semi-naked, or buttercream cake, these start at a very reasonable £450.

We do not inflate our prices for weddings, as we are aware that weddings have budgets that sometimes take years to save up for! A cake is a cake, no matter the occasion! 

Read our blog for more information about cake pricing. 

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