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As a professional pastry chef who ran her own artisan bakery for several years, Dee innovates new cake flavor combinations all the time. She applies huge emphasis on variety, quality, and appeal. Layers within the cake are balanced and even, and you will find surprising textures not traditional to wedding cakes, such as spiced candied pecans, caramelized apples, or silky homemade passionfruit curd. Cookie dough chunks, or even a whole chocolate chip cookie layer are huge crowd pleasers, too! 


For fondant cakes, first, we frost with white or dark chocolate ganache (buttercream available upon request), then cover the cakes with superior-quality Swiss fondant. So, in addition to the sponge and fillings, you have two more flavors and textures that are standard on your cake.


We have paired cakes and fillings in the table below and gave you two options. We also offer gluten-free, egg-free, or dairy-free cakes upon request. 





























Quality of our Cakes


At Sugar High Cakes, we bake from scratch, that is we buy basic ingredients (i.e. flour, butter, organic eggs, Belgian chocolate, etc), and put them together to make cake. Aren't all cakes made that way, you ask? Well, no. There are cake mixes available to commercial operations, similar to the box mixes  you get at the supermarket. They come in large bags, usually by the 10kg or more. Large productions bakeries make use of these mixes to speed up operations, but that is not a problem here, as we only make two or three cakes per week! 


By making our cakes from scratch, we have full control over the quality of our ingredients. We use Lurpak Danish butter, free-range organic eggs, Valrohna and Callebaut chocolates (both Belgian), and Swiss Carma fondant (the world's finest). When you combine excellent ingredients with skillful baking, you get a world-class cake that tastes truly gourmet.



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