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Interested in a free celebration cake? We are offering a free cake to one lucky winner! No catches, just a few rules below:

1- You choose the colors, we choose the design, which will be awsome, as usual! You can also provide us with your theme.

2- The date of your event must be between the 21st of July and the 1st of December 2016.

3- Normal delivery fee/restrictions apply (see Delivery), or free to collect yourself. 

4- You agree to receive the very occasional newsletter via email (so when you need a special cake, you don't have to squeeze your brain trying to remember what we are called!)

5- If you win, you will contacted via email, and given 7 days to respond. If we don't get a reply, we will, regrettably, do another random draw. 

6-Draw will be done on the 15th of July at 12 pm. 

7-Cake will serve a maximum of 50 guests. Additional servings will be charged at the normal rate. 


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