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Wedding Cakes

Elegant Wedding Cakes

Simple, yet elegant cakes available to order as you see them. The only customizations are size and flavor. Contact us to place your order. We prefer at least six weeks notice, but do give us a call or drop us an email for urgent orders. We may just have that date free!

1- Single rose cake

Single Rose Cake - make a statement with one bold rose against a white wedding cake. From £200

2- Ombre Confetti Wedding Cake

Ombre Confetti Wedding Cake - a modern and sleek twist on the ombre trend. From £320

3- White Chocolate Panelled Cake

White Chocolate Cake - with delicate panels and small flowers for a flower pot effect. From £250

5- Pearlized Cake

Pearlized Cake - with gorgeous vibrant flowers. Beautiful as a multi-tiered wedding cake, or as one tall cake. From £115 for one tier.

5- White Wedding Buttercream Cake

White Textured Buttercream Cake - add colorful flowers to match wedding theme. From £200

6- Ombre buttercream cake

Ombre Buttercream Cake - size and colors fully customizable, can be adorned in flowers. £150 for two tiers.

7- Simple Ribbon Wedding Cake

Simple Ribbon Cake - elegant simplicity. From £250

8- Naked WeddingCake

Naked Wedding Cake - budget friendly or for rustic weddings. From £190

9- Silver and Magnolia Cake

Silver and Magnolia Cake - one metallic tier adds a layer of luxury to your wedding. From £350.

Disclaimer: Some of the above images are purely for demonstration purposes, and may not be of our production. Such cakes may be replicated as required, with or without modification. 

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