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Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Trends 2017

They are always changing, these trends! However as more cake decorators become celebrities of their world, they strive to invent "signature" designs, leading to cake trends. Here are a few fantastic trends for the modern bride:


The Geode Cake

Invented by American cake designer, Rachael Teufel, the geode cake has been replicated many times across the globe. The illusion of natural rock is very attractive and unusual, lending this cake its popularity. 


Possibly started by interior designers turned cake designers, this trend is all the rage in the wedding cake world. Decorators love textures that mimic nature, and this is one of them. It lends an air of luxury and elegance to a cake. 

Statement Flowers

Traditionally, a cascading bouquet covered most wedding cakes. These days, decorators opt for a few large "statement" flowers instead, saving you a little cost, and giving themselves time to focus on decorating other parts of the cake. 

Silver and Gold

Although it was always used in embellishments, gold and silver leaf as well as paint (edible) is being more boldly applied to full tiers to create contrast and richness. Silver leaf is more popular than gold leaf due to the price difference between the two. 

Cake Lace

As cake designers go crazy collecting an obscene number of lace molds, more and more brides choose to create their wedding cake after their bridal gown! It is, indeed, a gorgeous way to add texture and elegance to a cake. 

The Naked Cake

This is not just budget-friendly, but also a return-to-nature-type cake! Stripped down to the bare sponge, there is a beautiful honesty to a cake standing naked of any icing, adorned with berries or flowers. 

Charming Ombre

This truly is a beautiful trend that we fully support at Sugar High Cakes. The gradients always look stunning, no matter the color. 

Pearlize Everything

If the fondant is not meant to be white or a specific color, chances are your cake decorator will paint a pearl luster finish to your cake. It adds a gorgeous shimmer without color. 

Razor Sharp Edges

Do you see how sharp the corners are on this cake? Gone are the days of rounded corners. Today, a cake decorator doesn't earn the professional badge until they can produce sharp corners on a fondant cake. What's the importance? The sharp cornes make the cake look clean, tidy, and professional. 

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